The Artist

I come from a long line of artists. I'm a commercial artist by trade but my specialty is scratchboard and acrylic. I'm working on various projects all the time so check back soon! Thank you for visiting.

A Scratchboard in Progress:

Scratchboard Step 1

A blank scratchboard with reference photo ready to go.

Scratchboard Step 2

The scratchboard with image transferred in white outline.

Scratchboard Step 4

Most large highlight areas removed with a fiberglass eraser tool. The image is ready for refinement with smaller, sharper tools and some ink where needed.


Scratchboard is a wonderful, versatile medium and so rewarding to do. Essentially, it's a hardboard layered with clay and then black ink. You slowly remove the ink with various sharp or rough tools to reveal the underlying clay. So you begin with the highlights and remove more and more and blend out to your midtones and blacks. You can then add black or color inks back in for dramatic effect. The style can be loose and soft or stark and detailed or even a combination, depending on the tools you choose. The possibilities are endless. I received an Ampersand scratchboard for Christmas one year, not knowing what it was, but have been hooked ever since. I recommend giving it a go!

A Quick Demo on Scratch Brush Technique

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